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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> we began on stormwatch. rain and possible storm threatened to ruin outdoor labor day plans. adam caskey joins us with when we can expect another round of downpours. >> it little after 4:00 p.m. later on today. we have some action on the radar screen right now. it is mainly light in nature.
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some moderate downpours over kent island. first, temperatures. warm and muggy outside. it is produced checking in at 81 -- gaithersburg checking in at 81. this is possibly causing localized flooding like we saw yesterday. possibility again tomorrow. highs today should be in the low-to-mid-80's. oklahoma city at 103. dallas, 102. cooler in boston. we will have more in our four guests and talk about my chances coming up. >> university of maryland is cleaning up thanks to a water main break. it gave way route and the memorial chapel just beforthis morning. it forced chris to shut down regent drive and chapel dry. the cause of the break is not yet clear.
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people living in northwest d.c. will spend the holiday crying out their basement once again. this comes after last night's storms want roads and even shut down this has got to be frustrating for people. >> hard to believe that this has happened again. basements and cars once again flooded. even the metro station feeling the effects of the flash flood. you can see from the emergency sign that this could happen again tonight. >> just no way to live. >> residents of this neighborhood are convinced that this latest flood has more to do with the drainage problems than the actual rent. merge cars once again shared the road rescue rafts. >> i cannot go like this. >> puddles are still visible inside this woman's car. >> my car was flooded.
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>> this is the fourth time in two months that the cars up and swallowed up. 15 residents at filed complaints with the d.c. water, hoping it pays for uninsured damage. >> there is something that has not happened in the past. >> some are making the claim that the city's aging and one just overwhelmed whenever a storm comes through. >> d.c. water is keeping something from us. there is some thing that is going on that keeps happening. >> this latest flash flood compromised metro service at the shaw station. this afternoon the station is back up and running, but engineers are looking into why so much water rushed in so quickly. >> what we're looking at this year is much more serious. >> there is talk of putting up
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back flow valve in the neighborhood, but that would take a lot of money and about 13 years. some wonder if it will make a difference. the mayor will meet with the sea water this thursday. >> thanks so much. the storm knocked out power to several metro-area customers. pepco still has 189 homes and a dark, to many as 263 hours -- dominion has tutored 63 customers without power, and bge as 23 homes in the dark. thousands remain without power in the aftermath of hurricane isaac. close to 3000 people remain in shelters and communities are under water. president obama visiting the area this afternoon, and brianne carter is in our news from with the latest on recovery efforts there. >> mother nature left a huge best to deal with, and recovery efforts are just under way.
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president barack obama is heading down south to assess the damage, as the concern for communities continues. on street after street, residents of southern louisiana are picking up the pieces. but the fear of more flooding continues. this river could crest later today and homes nearby could once again be in harm's why. >> i cannot worried. there's nothing i can do about it. we believe and deal with it -- if we are told to leave, we will leave and deal with it. >> look at the response and recovery efforts -- president obama will head to louisiana this afternoon. the present is expected to talk to local officials. sunday homeland security secretary janet napolitano promised the people of the gulf coast resources would stay in place until the rebuilding is complete. >> we know that this is a big
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tough strong, but we will work through it together. >> this man is cleaning up his home for the second time in seven years. >> there is nothing left, really. you really cannot say anything. salt water has been through and everything is split, the would split -- wood split. >> some people just getting a chance to get back into their homes. the damage is just starting to set in. after leaving louisiana, the president will prepare for another stop on a battleground virginia tomorrow. >> earbefore heading to new orleans, he is getting in a little campaigning could he will speak to the united autoworkers labor day celebration. joe biden is also marking labor day. this a live picture from the afl-cio's labor day rally from detroit. the vice president is heading towards the stage. vice-president biden is
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traveling a little bit later today. the secret service says that one truckload of the women was stolen yesterday from downtown detroit. -- one truckload of equipment was stolen away from downtown detroit. they are working with multiple agencies to get the u-haul truck back trade the democratic national convention is kicking off with a star-studded but there celebration in charlotte. many are enjoying holiday and a timid with obama supporters such as jeff br -- holiday entertainment with obama supporters such as jeff bridges and james taylor. >> in tampa, paul ryan ask the question, without new leadership, why should the next four years be different from last four years? barack obama has to answer that question. >> democrats have homes that he will answer the question. they call this the most open
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convention in history. also the entire convention will be streamed online. abc 7 is your station for coverage of the democratic national convention. gordon peterson and scott fuhrmannthuman cover at 5:00 6:00, and all of a neglected the republican ticket is not letting the democrats still the spotlight. numbers out this morning from public policy polling showed that mitt romney and president obama are dead even, 40%8%. mitt romney is in new hampshire preparing for the upcoming debates. gov. martin o'malley is expanding on his remarks that he made about the state of the country. when asked on "face the nation," was the united states better off than four years ago, the maryland governor said no. republicans jumped on the commons, but he went on cnn this morning to clarify. >> we are clearly better off as
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a country, because we are now creating jobs rather than losing them. soledad, we have not recovered all that we lost in the bush recession. that is why we need to continue to move forward. >> o'malley will many speakers at the democratic national convention. many people today are enjoying the labor day holiday with celebrations all across the d.c. metro area. the town greensville posted a 67 annual labor day parade this morning. a little something for everyone to enjoy out there. beauty quee including miss greenbelt, and floats as well. still to come a deer in the deep end of the pool. and hundreds turned out to keep heroes goodbye to a navy seal killed in -- to give my heroes
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goodbye to an abc killed in afghanistan and made a differenc -- what made a difference in pa
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>> a suicide attack on the u.s.
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government vehicle in pakistan has killed two pakistanis and wounded 19 others including two americans. more than 200 pounds of explosives ramp into the suv. security for -- peshawar claims that security forces were rescuing americans from the suv. there was a sea of red white and to honoring a navy seal killed in afghanistan. patrick feeks' was body was returned to maryland this morning. >> a homecoming fit for a hometown hero. red, white, and blue lined the streets of edgewater maryland, in honor of first class patrick feeks. >> we felt compelled to show our support. >> the navy seals died august 16 while on combat operations in
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afghanistan. >> it is said that he lost his life. >> the procession made the trip from dover air force base to anne arundel county. it is especially emotional for patty. >> i just thank god we never had to experience this. so proud of him. >> there is no school today, but this woman says it is a teachable moment. >>feeks' family said he loved being a seal and completed two tours of duty in iraq. while this type of oncoming is not what the committee wanted, their hearts and thoughts are with the feeks family. >> just grateful that people
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care and love him enough and don't even know it to be there. it is indescribable, releally. >> a viewing will be held for petty officer first class feeks tomorrow print is funeral will be at arlington national cemetery and will -- and he will be laid to rest with full military honors. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> people in beverly hills were jolted awake by an earthquake. it hit around 3:30 this morning, sending many celebrities to twitter. it appears that the earth requests the topic of, say -- the earthquake was the topic of conversation, and a pretty shallow earthquake. a 4000-acre brush fire in the san gabriel mountains. the flames are only about 5%
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been tainted and structures are in -- contain. no structures are in danger, although people have been evacuated. a 100-foot-long 36-foot high section of the great wall of china suffered massive flooding. it was restored back in 1996. crews are going to rebuild and reinforce the wall while improving drainage. 12:16. we have adam caskey joining as. rain is on everyone's minds to this labor day. >> showers will become more numerous and widespread. especially for p.m., that is what we will have the most rain. >> ducking and dodging. >> we had a few peaks of sun.
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you see that blue part of the screen? that is a shaft of rain falling through the clouds. we had a field showers over d.c. this morning. it moved into prince george's county. a few peaks of sunshine, breaks in the clouds, destabilizing our atmosphere. this is the live picture from the naval academy. normally we go all the way out to the day. you will see the big, tropical rain drops. wet dock out here. not much on the radar screen, but we have areas of heavy rain. looking over the river this way. that is at the shower moving over annapolis. this is possibly causing some localized flash flooding.
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kent island is all low-lying. down over southern maryland marbury, west of neuberger, even along 301 and kings highway, we have some areas of light rain. they will become more widespread. here are some of the rainfall totals, including yesterday's rain. same story in warrenton. 1.39 inches in baltimore. isolated downpours for the most part will be random as to where they pop up. this is circulating its energy overhead. that is triggering more showers and thunderstorms today.
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this energy is going to hang around for a good part of this week. this indicates that between now and tomorrow, parts of our region could have over two inches of rain have especially not bank of baltimore, the district. -- specially around baltimore the district. localized flash flooding is a concern today and tomorrow. 83 degrees by 5:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m., a few spotty showers leftover. tomorrow basically a repeat of today, just a few degrees warmer. unsettled weather all the way through thursday. unsettled week because of the leftovers of isaac. >> keep the umbrella near. the labor day weekend is celebrated as the last chance to get out and swim in the pool, but this is not what most people had in mind. a man in colorado heard his dog barking and found this buck
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struggling in a swimming pool. fire fighters built a makeshift ramp and eventually the deer did escape. coming up, another reason to watch your speed in the
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>> the warning to drivers in the district. starting today the metropolitan police department will begin issuing the live speed camera tickets. speed cameras had been installed and nearly a dozen locations, some of them in spots and the tories for speeches, like massachusetts avenue and se. they could cost drivers at least $150. this comes on one of the most dreaded driving days on the calendar. the day after labor day is often called terrible traffic tuesday. transportation experts say that the number of cars on the road is the same as the youthful then, it is just that all the cars -- same as the usual day it is just that all the cars are on the road during rush hour. tripoli is reporting that the national average price for a gallon of regular is $3.83, a
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higher than a year ago in d.c., it is $3.98. in virginia, the average is $3.69. there may be some relief on the way as the oil workers to head back to offshore drilling rigs in the gulf. they were evacuated as hurricane isaac close and over the gulf coast and prices skyrocket overnight. still want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very
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the middle class harder... d gives millionaires an even bigger break. is that the way forward for america? i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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>> prince andrew proves he is not afraid of heights. he was one of at least 40 people to rappelled down a skyscraper more than 1000 feet tall on monday. it was part of an effort to raise money for charity in the u.k. that teaches survival training for teenagers. he said he enjoyed the challenge but will never, ever do it again. [laughter] >> he looks a little nervous starting. i don't blame him at all. let's look at the forecast. a little unsettled, but the remnants of isaac circulating overhead. rain chances all the way through thursday. >> we will see you back here [
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